Monday, March 21, 2011

I didn't know that!!

When Mrs. Truelove introduced the class to the fraction bars, I rolled my eyes and thought of it as silly.  I've never been a good mathematician and when we're talking about fractions, I pretty much tune everything out.  Who knew that "fraction bars" were the key to unlocking my understanding of fractions.  I have always understood how to use them in different operations but I never understood the concept.  For example, 4/5x1/2 is 4/5 of 1/2.  You would have to divide the half fraction bar into tenths and shade in 4 of the 10 bars which would equal four tenths (4/10) or two fifths (2/5).  Until I used the fraction bars I did not understand why it would equal two fifths besides 4 x 1 =4 and 5 x 2 = 10, reduced to 2/5.  Instead of hating fractions, I actually don't mind using them now.  I have had success with them every since.  I will definately use fraction bars to teach my class about fractions and I will encourage my students to use them in solving operations that involve fractions.